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What causes products or components to fail?

As manufactured parts and assemblies have increased in sophistication and mechanical complexity over the past few decades, dimensional precision has become more critical, both in the manufacturing processes and in the resultant products and performance. From the initial design through the manufacturing processes, product delivery and implementation all the way to the moment of unfortunate product failure, traces of geometric “evidence” are often left on part surfaces in the form of anomalies and other deformations. Full and exceptionally accurate 3D digitization of part geometry presents these dimensional anomalies in vivid detail.

With 21st century metrology technologies, rigorous analysis processes, and advanced computer-aided inspection (CAI) methodologies providing several orders of magnitude greater information about the product and its quality, performance or failure mode, the causes are far more readily determinable. Our conclusions are singularly persuasive and reliable on account of the breadth and depth of information – our measurements are accurate and our supporting evidence is thorough, and especially understandable due to the visualization and explanation we provide. We report comprehensive part geometry in terms of millions of data points accurate to ±0.0000840” (480 one-millionths of an inch, 2 microns).

Drawing on years of experience in public speaking and professional communication, we are masters at presenting technical information to individuals without a technical background. We will thoroughly, but concisely, explain the modern technology we used for analysis, and then present the information in a clear and intuitive way. The scope of case support can range from simple numerical dimensions to full visual illustrations, even with animations. Depending on your needs, we will report dimensions against the blueprint, or compare an actual part to the CAD model with an interactive dynamic color plot. We can even explain intricate statistical comparisons of part-to-part geometries effectively in layperson’s terms.

Finally, we will thoroughly report our findings, with an engineering assessment and careful review of the manufacturing process. Our decades of collective experience in measuring and analyzing precision parts and assemblies lend credibility to our conclusions about product, performance issues, and liability/fault assessment. Because of our unparalleled understanding of the entire geometry, we know how to determine and confirm the root causes of failures and non-conformance.

Regardless of size and scope, your case needs the combination of scientific rigor, engineering expertise, cutting edge technology, and expert testimony that only Advantagement can offer. Contact us today to discuss the capabilities we can deliver for your case situation and need.